Eero and Saimi Järnefelt’s artist home

Nestled at the center of the Lake Tuusula Artist community, just outside Järvenpää City, lies the magnificent Suviranta or ‘Summer Beach’, built in 1901. Around the turn of the twentieth century, a group of artists gathered and built their homes around the lake Tuusula, which proved to be fertile imaginative soil for artistic production. This artistic community, a circle of bohemians at the centre of Finnish cultural life and exposed to many key figures and ideological movements of their time, is remembered as vital to the construction of a distinct Finnish identity and culture.

The building is surrounded by an impressive English-style garden, and you can still feel the atmosphere of the early 20th century inside.

The house has been in the residential use of the Järnefelt family and their descendants from its construction in 1901 to this day. Inside, there is a display of an extensive collection of works by Eero Järnefelt (1863–1937), his contemporaries and Eero’s daughter Laura Järnefelt, as well as items that belonged to the family. So even today, the house is not a museum but a home that people live in.

You can visit Suviranta on guided tours during the summer season. The tour tells you about Eero and Saimi Järnefelt, the residents of the house, and presents the art and items in the studio residence. Tours are held at the studio residence from May to September.

You cannot visit the house or its yard on your own.

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Guided tours can be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 14 pm.